Did Sienna trade in her first for a blk city bag?

  1. Humm, i'm not totally sure it's a b-bag, although the brass ring look like the ring for the strap.

    This looks larger than her classique - maybe a city?

  2. beaux, i can't see the pics :crybaby:
  3. They were there before - I don't know why they were taken off - sorry!
  4. ???
  5. beaux: can you repost them? I'm curious to see what you're talking about!
  6. [​IMG]

    If she did it looks like she took the tassels off - just like on her classique.
  7. Is that really a city? It looks small
  8. It could be something else - i'm not really sure. It looks bigger than her classique though?
  9. I can only see the small pics, so I'm not sure, but it looks bigger than her classique.
  10. girls that's still her old black flat brass classic-- wonder when she will give up on the bag soo beat up but i looove it:girlsigh: