Did she have her baby?

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  1. Does anyone know if Kerry Katona had her baby?? I know she isn't really a celb an i don't really know why i care but i just wondered.
  2. She has so so so many problems its a joke. That baby was a good weight for 5 weeks early. She is a drug addict ( apparently) her husband is a cheat and she drank an smoked her way through all pregnacies that is what i call "rank!!!"
  3. yeah, i heard she has a lot of issues, too.

    way to get pregnant at this situation. :s
  4. she will be pregnant again soon you watch. She nearly lost her 2 girls last year.
  5. That's really awful- it doesn't sound like she should have kids, let alone 4 of them. She's kind of like a U.K. Britney Spears, just more extreme, then?
  6. yeah she nhas a fly on the wall doc at the moment and she is was 7 months pregnant drinking wine an smoking. It was on MTV i don't know why they give her even put her on the telly. She is always on the front of OK cause trash sells!
  7. is this the chick who was in the group "atomic kitten" and dating that guy from westlife?
  8. Not to get on a soapbox, but I know so many people who desperately *want* a baby and can't have one... And then there's chicks like her and Britney, who keep poppin' out kids and don't even give a crap about their health and welfare... It's sad, really...
  9. Already bearing some resemblance to his mother, this is the first picture of Kerry Katona's newborn son.

    Maxwell Croft was born last Friday, five weeks early, and weighed 5lbs 4oz.
    The birth was caught on camera when kerry's contractions began while she was filming final episodes of her MTV reality show, Crazy in Love.

    The footage is set to air on April 28th and will feature Kerry,27, going into Labour at the couple's Warrington home, while husband Mark Croft is playing a computer game.
    Kerry says: "I woke up, Mark was on his Xbox and I just lay there watching him fora bit. Then I saat up and went 'Ooh the waters have gone.' How calm was I?Cool as a cucumber."
    Katona's spokesman said: "Mummy and baby are doing well and the family are very excited about their latest addition. "Kerry would like to thank all the staff at the Macclesfield District General Hospital for the fantastic care she received."
  10. she already has two children?

    what happened last year?
  11. [​IMG]

    Kerry said: "He's absolutely fine, he's beautiful. We can't wait to get him home. It's a beautiful boy to go with our three girls." Croft was at the hospital for the new arrival, who has been named after publicist Max Clifford.
  12. Y'know I am not usually given to be hateful about someone on a public forum,I prefer to keep my opinions to myself.But this woman is just beyond nauseating.As Eviemarie pointed out she has drank,smoked throughout all her preganancies,this is her fourth baby,and all the allegations about her smoking cannabis,snorting cocaine,there isn't usually smoke without fire.All the people who rat and tell tales on her are low life,but thats who she spends her time with for them to be able to say these things.
    I don't care in the slightest what people do with drugs recreationally,but when you are pregnant you have another life to consider and its damn selfish to be doing drugs when you could be causing untold harm while the baby is at delicate forming stages.

    If you want kids that much,you buy into the whole gig,not just the bits that suit you.You have to show a level of care and commitment and this woman is lacking in both those qualties,and brains too.
  13. Totally agree.

    She is so hated in england now its unreal. I think people read about her cause they can't belive what a tramp she is.:tdown:
  14. That's not a great looking baby is it? I saw her on the reality show on MTV and all she did was lay on the sofa (probably eating Iceland Frozen food) while her stepsister cleaned the house and the Nanny looked after the other children. I can't believe that Iceland and OK! magazine still pay her huge amounts of money when there is so much talk of her drug taking and drink problems.