Did Sex and the City Influence your shoe habits?

  1. I am so lucky that SATC isnt' on the air anymore...if it was still on I'd be even more broke.
    I cannot say how much I LOVED :heart: that show and miss it every day.:sad:

    I have to admit I didn't know much about shoes before the shoe started, but after...I couldn't try to find Manolo's and Choo's fast enough. Now my obessions has been growing towards the sky high Louboutin's. I love the sexy heel height.

    So have any of you been influenced by the show? Or still are influenced?
  2. Nope, I was always a shoegal. It just made me feel more normal. Especially the part where Carrie says "Literally, I'll the old woman who lived in her shoes!" Too funny.
  3. I've always liked shoes. But I think that show got me more interested in designer ones.
  4. It really did cultivate my interest in designer shoes. I live in a part of the country that you do not see designer anything. I have always been into fashion and SATC just elevated that passion to a whole new level. Think goodness for Neimans and bergdorf.com!! I do a lot of ordering over the phone. SHoes, balenciaga and LV and designer denim are my passion. I mix low end (inexpensive) pieces with fantastic accessories. I love my manolos.
  5. I've always loved shoes, but have never watched a full episode of SATC; just never got into it.
  6. No, although I like the show. This board, however :whistle:
  7. BTW, I understand how you feel about SATC. I feel the same way about Buffy :cry:
  8. Well I always loved looking at the shoes but I was never a stiletto girl until I met my boyfriend...he's got a huge thing for stilettos so I started wearing them for him...my poor feet..but i'm getting use to them, its a work in progress.

    But I loved all of Carrie's shoes and bags!
  9. If Carrie hadn't said that they were once considered an urban legend. SATC still has me obsessed with the MBMJs:girlsigh:
  10. No, not really. Living in Manhattan most of my life until now, I have always shopped in a lot of the places they used for that show. I was however, surprised when I found out Pat Field was the costume designer. Many years ago it was mostly a store for club kids, strippers and transvestites. Now it seems more mainstream.
  11. I had never heard of MB's until SATC. I have one pair now. As a SAHM, I don't go out to fancy places often and I can't wear stilettos when I take the kids out. I would fall over and kill myself (that would be bad). So yes, to some extent it influenced me.
  12. I am proud to say that Yes Def Sex and the City had a huge effect on my shoe fetish. Especially My sweetheart Manolo Blahnik. I became obsessed, i have few Louboutins but by fat Manolo has my heart. I still sit down and watch sex and the city from season 1 - season 6 all i love it.
  13. I was always about tallllll skinny heels, but when SATC brought the stiletto to the mainstream, there was so much more to choose from!

    Yes I am a MB freak, but I didn't have the same sort of style as Carrie by a longshot.

    Gotta admire her guts - especially in the episode where she walked 11 (or was it 30?) blocks or more to prove a point. I think they're comfortable, but streets in NYC can be brutal... snapped heel, anyone? ;)
  14. I love SATC. Definitely an influence. I even bought the 'stolen' shoes as my first pair of Manolos. I'm also dying to try wearing two different colors of the same shoe - loved that look.
  15. love the comment when she says, its hard walking in a womans shoes, and thats why we have to buy extra special ones to make it that bit easier

    Its a moto I like to follow lol :biggrin: