Did Saks prices go up already?

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  1. I'm seeing different prices for classics at some Saks stores. Does anyone know if the prices went up? I was hoping to buy a white caviar medium classic-at the $1995 price-with the egc.

  2. not sure for the medium, i'm getting a jumbo caviar, and it's "still" $2250
  3. Has anyone seen a white or pink classic at any Saks?
    Thanks to all.
  4. Try my SA at Saks - she's great at locating things. Her name is Delyse and her number is 248-808-0712. She's there now and it's gift card event today. Please tell her April referred you.
  5. The prices at Saks in Troy, MI went up. I was there last week.
  6. I haven't picked up my presale items yet, but I was at Saks last week and got a jumbo flap for the "old" price...?? I confirmed with Diane last night as well.

  7. Yes, I was just there (Saks MI) on Saturday and hadn't noticed any increases yet.
  8. My GSt was 1895 and my jumbo caviar around 2200.00
  9. I also just got the medium classic for 1995.. no price increase
  10. I think someone started a thread on this as well, saying that she was charged the increased price today. My local saks sa said that they are charging the 'old' prices [like that's a bargain...]
  11. I just check my receipt and my Caviar Jumbo was $2250.00.
    $50.00 more than what I mentioned before :shame:
  12. I think $2250 is the pre-increase price though, isn't it?
  13. Yes, that's is the pre-price increase for jumbo flap.
  14. Pre - price increase?

    So thats a good deal?
  15. From what I heard today, $2250 is the current price for a Jumbo. My Saks sa told me that they are expecting the increase in Nove. I also heard that other bags were going up in price.