Did Saks buy the metallic black reissue?

  1. I think I remember someone saying they didn't. Is there any confirmation on that? I don't want to end up with the hybrid. For those of you who bought it, do you have the style number?
  2. I spoke with my SA at Saks Somerset and she said they did not order that bag:_(
  3. they did not order that bag. i had that mix up happen too. they only have the hybrid.
    The number i have on my pricetag for my 226 is

    07A A 30226 Y 04636

    as far as i know, only chanel boutiques, NM and Bergdorf Goodman brought it in in the US. They had both the 226 and the 227 at the Chanel at Spring St in NY last week.

    Good luck!!!
  4. Nope they didnt buy it. I had an SA at Saks ship me one after speaking to him on the phone......it ended up being the hybrid w/ soft caviar:cursing:
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. NM only ordered the 227. They will be getting in the 228, not sure when....
  7. no, they didn't. they are only get the patent reissue in navy and black.
  8. Not sure if this is true... NM is getting the metallic black 226, and mine already had a 228 available as of yesterday. :yes:

  9. nope, Saks did not get this, I tried as my saks SA is my favorite! I got mine at the chanel boutique in Hawaii, cannot recall which one of the two on the big Island, but the SCP boutique had me on the lsit for a 227 and the only got six in and told me to call Hawaii stores. that was about a week and a half ago....they had a couple, maybe they still have one?