Did PayPal Ever Recover The Rest of Your Money?


no will power
May 17, 2007
Undedr the PayPal Protection Policy if the claim is in your favor PayPal will refund you the amound due depending on the sellers feedback...either $200 or $2000. If the amount you are out is greater than that, PayPal says they will try to recover the remainding funds for you. I'm wondering if anyone has ever receives this money? With so many scams and so many seller closing their accounts as soon as the fraud has been committed does anyone ever get the rest of their money back? Is PayPal ever able to recover those funds?


Aug 4, 2007
No, you will just have to dispute the charge with your CC and they will deal with Paypal. Most of the time you will be credited back. The scammers are scamming Paypal's money essentially.
Mar 5, 2008
I got lucky. Well, hopefully. I guess the seller is trying to open his account again and now has to deal with the refund, so the rest of my refund (I only got $200 back) is processing.


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
i guess i was lucky and after filing a SNAD dispute for a fake Prada bag, i got my $272 back. i did have to pay $35 for MyPoupette inauthencity statement, and $10 for shipping the bag to Paypal though.

i should note though that my refund took FOREVER. i think even after Paypal told me that they ruled in my favor and i would be getting a refund, it took like 4 weeks to actually get the money in my account!


Jul 21, 2008
North Texas
The credit card chargeback is the last resort. Then it's paypal's problem, but I think the user fees will keep going up if paypal keeps losing money to the scammers.


Only Louis Vuitton
Jan 11, 2007
I did. I filed a SNAD and won. Returned the item back to the seller, but since the seller only had $200 of protection that is all I got. Paypal told me they would try to get the balance of $100 back. Well one year later I never got my money back so I decided to call paypal about it. Within 3 hours I had the $100 back in my paypal account.


Mar 6, 2008
Shopping Online
I've got scammed for $425 bag...the seller only have $200 protection, and he/she went away ( they even escalate it, not me to saying "' NO REFUND. ALL SALES FINAL", I paid by paypal 's balance...after few calls to Paypal, required authority paper, asked me ship it to paypal address. And luckily, Paypal paid me $425...but I'm stil out for SH fee and paperworks! But it's still better than $200 protection


Jul 25, 2008
Houston, Texas
A couple of years ago I purchased a Chanel bag that turned out to be an obvious fake. The seller printed the shipping label, then took over three weeks to take the bag to the post office. She kept telling me she'd sent it, giving me the tracking info and the PO kept saying they never received it. I filed an "item not received" claim with eBay on the last day a claim could be filed, only to have the bag show up while the dispute was in progress. I tried to modify the claim to indicate that the item was SNAD, but was told on the telephone that once a claim has been filed for one reason (not received) that I could not change the claim or file a second claim. The man from eBay told me it was a glitch in the system and referred me to Paypal. I filed the claim at Paypal, but was charged a $35.00 processing fee. I got my money back, but had spent over $20.00 shipping both to and from, plus lost the $35.00 processing charges. I emailed the seller and let her know that I was going to file a claim in small claims court (in my state) for the $75.00 difference. I told her she had the option of paying me the $75.00 directly and if she didn't that in court she'd be liable for 3 times the $75.00, which is the law in my state. Amazingly, she sent me a Paypal payment for the $75.00. Never once did eBay or Paypal offer to do anything other than get my Purchase price for the item, less the $35.00 processing fee.

Don't expect eBay or Paypal to protect you in any way, take the actions necessary to protect yourself.


Lo-Fi Bal Stan
Jan 4, 2006
I once bought a "new" watch for $325 that turned out to be DOA and showed signs of use, though minor. Then my seller went NARUed. I filed a SNAD claim and got $316 back from Paypal after a week of 'investigation'. Paypal said that was all they could refund me and that they will still try and get the remaining $9 back from the seller. I was happy with the partial refund and didn't pursue it further.