Did not received item bought on Ebay

  1. I bought a coach wristlet on eBay for the 1st time and made the payment on 11th June and the seller send me a message telling me the wristlet had been sent out on 13th June and provided me with the custom number of the parcel. I haven't received the parcel till now and checked with USPS and it stated that the parcel left United States from Los Angeles but my local postal service did not received the item at all? What should i do??? :crybaby:
  2. File an eBay claim "Item not received":


    eBay will evaluate the situation and decide in whose favor.

    Did you pay for insurance? If you did, USPS should pay for the lost to the shipper so the seller can refund you. If you didn't, you might still win if you paid it via credit card and file a dispute afterwards.
  3. thks for the advise :smile: i didnt pay for the insurance but will file an ebay claim... what a bad experience to buy on ebay for the 1st time... sigh...:sad:
  4. Don't worry about whether or not you purchased insurance. That's up to the seller to do. It's for her protection, not yours. She is responsible for getting the package to you in the condition it was sold in.
  5. international packages take long.
  6. I would ask your seller to go to her post office and have them trace it by the customs number, they will be able to let her know if it's even made it to your country. You only have 45 days to file paypal claim, so if you are going to do that you need to do so soon.
  7. thks girls for the valuable advise :smile: i had file a dispute thru paypals... waiting for the seller's reply...
  8. I don't think it takes 2 weeks too reach singapore. i guess the parcel might be misplaced on the way here. :sad:
  9. It can take 4 weeks to get to Canada, it is very possible that it has not arrived. What method did the seller use to ship?

    I believe PayPal has extended the time allowed to enter a dispute from 30 to 45 days from time of payment due to shipping times. You still have plenty of time to file a claim.
  10. it takes me two weeks to receive a package from hong kong and i dont have customs normally. im sure it'll be fine.
  11. Oh.... Glad to hear that, means i still have chances to my wristlet... Heez...
  12. The seller ship by USPS Priority Mail International. As this is the 1st time buying thru ebay and my friend told me that she had a bad experience buying from ebay too. That's why i am worried.
  13. It's been almost a month. It shouldn't take this long. How's your paypal claim going?
  14. I learned that USPS plays fast and loose with the truth after a bag I shipped International Priority Mail to the UK took an agonizing 27 days to reach its destination. USPS customs tracking insisting, all the while, that it had departed the US two days after it shipped.

    My buyer finally contacted Royal Mail to check on its status 9 days into the ordeal. She then notified me that the bag was still sitting on a San Francisco tarmac. The reason given? To maximize profit, USPS had decided to delay take-off until the plane filled.

    I was so angry that my buyer had to learn the truth from Royal Mail that I immediately called USPS and demanded to speak with a supervisor who stubbornly clung to the official lie until I angrily informed her that Royal Mail had, in effect, busted them. Nervous laughter and an apology ended our conversation. In the end, our poor Prada sat in a cargo hold for more than two weeks.

    It could be held up on your end so perhaps you should contact Customs.

    Odds are your wristlet will still find its way to you. Good Luck!:flowers:
  15. Oh my god... You must be very fustrated at that time... Thks for sharing with me your experience at least now i have a better peace of mind...:smile: