Did not know Thalia is pregnant!!!

  1. I just saw her on a cover of Hola Magazine, she is having a little girl.. I think it was time for her to have a baby.. i think she is sooo beautiful and have the most wonderful abs!!! ...
    thalia2.jpg thalia1.jpg thalia.jpg thalia4.jpg
  2. does anyone has the link.. here is the cover of the magazine but in spanish tho ...

  3. Awww, I knew she was pregnant but didn't know she was having a girl! That's great news!!
  4. great news, but who is she?
  5. ^^Well, I know her mostly from Spanish soap operas but she's also a Latin pop star. She's very popular in Mexico. She's also married to Tommy Mottola (Mariah Carey's ex). The one and only Spanish novella I've ever watched starred Thalia. I've really liked her ever since.
  6. Yea i know!Good for her!
  7. Oh wow I didn't know they'd been married for SEVEN years!!! She's so beautiful!