Did Norstrom sell me a fake Silverado?

  1. :sad: I just noticed that my Silverado tote, purchased at Nordstrom SCP about 3 weeks ago has no date code tag to be found. Is it possible that I have bought a bag that was returned in a bait and switch? Any suggestions as what to do?
  2. I can't find the code in mine either, I bought it from Saks a few months ago..
  3. I don't think the bags were baited and switched. I just think that Chloe has crap quality control! Or, maybe they are so sly, that they mix it up so that fakers can't really depend on certain "key" things to copy.

    I know some PF ladies here have bags with funky serial numbers/no serial numbers who have kept their bags. However, it bothered me that I spent full retail for my bag and it didn't come with a date code. :sad:

    Oh, and I wanted to add: ALL fakes have date stamps/serial codes! So there you go. Date Stamps/Serial codes aren't reliable for authentification purposes...
  4. Oh, that's right. Sometimes you get authentic bags that don't have serial tags inside. It's a quality control issue especially rampant with Chloe.