Did my taxes, and what am I going to buy with my return???

  1. Well, my LVOE tote when it finally arrives and ooohh I am being bad and not being loyal but that fabulous LE Coach straw bag with the mulitcolor tags all around it.

    Are you going to splurge when you get your return??? :party:
  2. Unfortunately, I'm not getting anything from return (long story :sad:). Was kinda hoping, though, so I can buy a computer!
  3. Have you seen the LVOE in person? Just making sure you'll still want it, I know a couple people have taken their names off the lists (like me).

    Anyway I have no idea yet..we'll see what my store decides to get in, then I'll go from there. :lol:
  4. LOL I spent so much this month I think I'm going to do the right thing and put my return in savings! But who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind when I visit the LV store again... need more willpower... :sweatdrop:
  5. Do you have a picture of the coach bag I'd Love to see it
  6. i put my returns toward my 2007 roth ira contribution, lol. bf's influence. he wouldnt stop harping until i contributed asap. now i get to buy handbags with my $$, muahaha.

    anyways, i think i'd prefer a dentelle speedy/BH over the lvoe tote since it seems a lot more durable and less trendy/beach-like.
  7. Hey nice scarf! When i get my return, I'm buying myself two coach bags with matching shoes and wallets.:yahoo: :yahoo:

  8. lol. Same here. :p

  9. oh, what do you mean? Not well done with the beading or colors? I am waitlisted on the violet---which one did you take your name off of?

    And, as far as the coach bag, I threw away the catalog (genius!) and just went to the coach store. It is a very large bag made of straw and it has the little leather coach tags in numerous colors all around it. It is truly adorable and will be a great spring/summer bag.
  10. Glad you all are investing! I'm not into it, except with real estate (ie: my house)... life is short... and if I get a return it's going straight to LV...and Hawaii, and some grapes for Louis! but, don't get me wrong... I'm very impressed ... I just already did the investing thing... and, it wasn't too exciting...lol....plus, I have a pension... and could die before then... (goth dark side)... whatever you do, be happy!
  11. Putting it into one of those CD accounts, so now I won't feel guilty with whatever I buy! Also need to save up for when I go to the UK.
  12. Well it was just kind of cheap looking IMO. Especially the violet..they had it at my trunk show, and the bag is a pretty color but they aren't even beaded, they just have sequins on it, and the LV is done in orange sequins and the OE is done in seafoam green sequins. It's a pretty idea but the execution of it just didn't seem up to par. The only one with beads instead of sequins is the canvas one and that's because of the tougher material.
    I really had hoped that this line would be adorable but once I saw it at the trunk show, I was disappointed.
    Here's what it really looks like:

    And here's the Coach tote, I have the catalog too lol:
  13. Thanks, Lvbabydoll. I appreciate both pics!! As far as the tote, it doesn't sound great at all....I guess I have the option to say no when I pick it up at the store. The only thing I worry about is if I wait to see it, and don't like it, will they hold it against me for future wait lists? oh well.
  14. You're welcome! You can do either thing, whichever suits you best! And I don't *think* they'll hold it against you, especially with all the price increases they've been having. I know a lot of people have taken their names off of lists for the show bags because the prices have gone up so much (like with the patchwork line).
    Either way, good luck, and I looked at that Coach bag for awhile too lol..it's so big but it's adorable. There's a pair of wedges in that catalog I think I'm going to have to have :graucho:
  15. I love the LVOE tote!- I'm going to buy a speedy 30 or 25 when my tax check comes- I haven't decided which one yet. I wish that it would hurry up and come though.