Did my pre-order for PCE today!!

  1. I love the manager and me SA at Coach. They rock! :tup: I dropped in just to say hi and they let me do all my pre-ordering today.

    Here is what I bought this round:

    [​IMG]This bag is awesome; it is really cute and super light.


    [​IMG] in Tortoise


    I am going in on Friday to pick everything up; I also am going to get my new pup a collar and leash but have not decided on a color yet.

    I was able to see for the first time that HUGE straw tote with all of the Coach hangtags; I tried it on; it was adorable but dwarfed my 5'1 body.
  2. GORGEOUS choices!:tup:

    Can't wait to see pics when you get them!:yes:
  3. Everything you ordered is stunning! Those sandals :love:! Great choices, enjoy!
  4. Can't wait to see pics of all your goodies!
  5. Oooh, Becca, good choices!!! I can't wait to see that denim tote, I had a dream about it last night. Might be a sign that's what I need to buy for PCE :yes:
  6. Very cool! I hope I get a PCE this time around. If not, I may have to ask for it anyway, even though I've heard they aren't doing that anymore.
  7. Great choices!!
  8. Great selections! You'll love the denim tote.
  9. I did it the last round and I am more than happy to do it again; if someone does not get a PCE card and wants something specific, I can buy it and mail it (at cost; I would never charge extra).

    I also bought the matching zip around denim wallet; it was too cute to pass up.
  10. Beautiful! Can't wait to see photos
  11. awesome. Congrats!
  12. Oh, I have those glasses, the Lexis. They are very comfortable. I can't wait to see those new bags!!. My hubby will preorder or get my present in the next 2 weeks...
  13. Great choices Becca
  14. I have usually gotten a PCE card or a call, but last year I did not get one for the first time. My store did honor it anyway. I wonder why I did not get one, but it may have been because I had returned things, but...although I exchanged I always ended up spending more money anyway in the end total for the season. I got that wallet too, but the smaller zip, the other, I just did not need all that room. It is adorable Good Luck with your new goodies!!!