Did my husband compliment you on your LV?

  1. My DH arrived home late last night from a brief business trip that took him through airports in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Tucson, AZ over the past three days. (Storms in the midwest the other day... flights cancelled, re-routed, all sorts of nastiness.)

    So, he says to me casually this morning, "I noticed SO many Louis Vuitton bags while I was traveling this week. I even told two of the women."

    "WHAT?!?" I said.

    "Yeah, I complimented them on having Louis Vuitton bags." Not that he would know a real from a fake, but I guess the guy is learning!:yes:

    So, did my husband compliment you on your LV?
  2. awe, this is a cute thread!
  3. Wasnt me but its still just adorable!
  4. Cute!! Your DH is learning --- wouldn't it be great if he complimented tPFers who wore the PF bag charm twinkle.tink created?
  5. Cute! When my son was younger, like 4 or 5, he would notice LV's and say something, he even noticed David Yurman jewelry! I have trained him well!
  6. aww thats so funny. My mom told me the other day that my father complimented a woman at work on her LV. He knows all about them since he has been through our speedy purchasing/size comparing, etc adventures. He told her that he went up to the woman and said, "that is a very nice bag." she was like, "what?" and he was like, "I know about these things." LOL..he doesn't know a fake from a real LV, but he must have recognized the monogram pattern. At least he tried, and if it was one of you that he complimented, then I guess he did a good job! (although I am sure that if she was a tPFer she would have been much more friendly and talkative about LV). :smile:
  7. Nope, not me. But that's a really cute story.
    My DH likes LV from all the other designer bags, especially the Epi line. He's a big fan of leather. We were at my parents house the other day and my mom had out her new Damier Saleya PM and he goes "Oh mom, that's a really pretty bag!" And my dad chimes in "Yea, it's nice huh? I like it better than the regular logo Louis Vuittons that I see everywhere". It was so funny how DH and my dad were conversing about handbags. My mom just rolls her eyes and says "Suuure. Just a few months ago he was complaining about prices". My dad's come a long way from really appreciating my mother and I's bag obsession.
  8. yup. He did.

    For the Onatah suede -> "That's a nice bag! I like it. Is it Louis?"

    For the Epi Soufflot (not a compliment) -> "THat looks plastic. Can't beleive you've spent that much!"

    For the Speedy Damier -> "Can't beleive it's the best you have. Looks like the most expensive!"

    For the Suhali L'epanoui -> "Now..... that's a really nice bag!"
  9. LOL soo cute!
  10. Tee hee hee. Cute thread!
  11. I think mine will never compliment me because he knows I will follow up with the "so u gonna buy me another one then?" question.
  12. :lol:

    I find it cute when men notice things like handbags n such. :love:
  13. lol what a great and semi-hysterical thread to start out of curiousity ;)
  14. Nope... not me but I was on a flight a few weeks ago and got complimented...

    he said "O, nice Coach!" :cursing: WHAT?

    I said "ew! It's NOT a Coach!" haha

    haha! It was too funny though!
  15. LOL funny story!! Coach..hah guys are so clueless sometimes! At least he tried though..