Did Mulberry really make a bag like this?

  1. That is definitely fake
  2. its vile :tdown::nogood::sad:
  3. :confused1: It is bad enough faking mulberry bags but surely if you are that way inclined (which is disgusting!!) at least fake a popular bag - words really can't describe this:push:
  4. Oh dear! :shocked:
  5. Evan if its not fake its horrible. :tdown:
  6. Cor blimey I hope that's not genuine. It's hideous.
  7. It's meant to be a multi-coloured prairie, but the colours are completely wrong and it is definitely fake. I do hope the seller didn't pay £200 for it on eBay as she states in her listing!
  8. I'm new to Mulberry but I can't believe that they would make anything this hideous (IMHO).