Did Mulberry ever do a conker/chestnut brown colour?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I was wondering if Mulberry have ever made bags in a conker brown colour? The nearest shade to what I mean that I've seen is the "Branston" trim on some scotchgrain bags - it would be amazing if Mulberry decided to make a Roxanne or a Rosemary in this colour (though I guess the Rosemary has now gone to the big wardrobe-shelf in the sky :sad: ). I've heard of "harness leather" Mulberries - was this what the Branston trim was made of?

    I have just discovered a company called "The Bridge" who make Italian leather, vegetable tanned bags in this colour - in some ways they seem to be similar to Mulberry to me, in that they make some beautiful quality classic style bags, but they don't do colours other than browns and blacks and don't also do funky designs. Basically, all of their bags seem to be at the Somerset shoulderbag end of the scale, rather than the studded Jody end :biggrin: There are some gorgeous "everyday" bags though, and I am really quite tempted.....has anyone else seen them? I think they could well be a name to watch ;)

  2. I just looked at them and I rather like some of them. Very understated and timeless. Let me know if you buy one!!
  3. Hi there! They were my first little more expensive bags. I believe SJ had a bit of a crush for them too. Here is a colour sample from a wallet a had. Is this the colour you meant?

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  4. I know what you mean about the Branston trim leather as I have a vintage bag from that line. And they did use that shade of brown in the congo leather, didn't they?

    The Bridge is a rather popular brand here - I may still have one or two - they look particularly nice when they are aging and growing softer. And some years ago I hoped they might become more fashionable when I read in a magazine they were now launching bags in red and blue leathers. I kept watching out for them but they never made it to the stores.
  5. Me too !!! Bought my mum one for christmas.

    These where also my first love! love the leather, just reminds me of a saddle :love:
  6. goldfinch, yes, mulberry did make a conker colour. I have an outlet bought antony (I think they call it an antony rio). It is the one without the pocket on the front. It is in conker and is quite a dark brown (although I don't think it is as dark as choc). I don't know how to, otherwise I would download a picture.
  7. Aha! Thanks everyone :biggrin: I do love this colour; it's really good to know about the Antony you have clooneyismine!

    I might treat myself to a bag or two from The Bridge at some point....but first, I have promised myself a choccy Bays :biggrin: