Did MJ ever make this bag?

  1. It doesn't look familiar to me. I saw this on ebay, and assume that this style doesn't exist, but I thought I'd at least ask.
  2. Yea they did. I saw Hilary Duff using it a while back. It came out before the baby stam. I can't remember the name though.
  3. thanks for your help!!
  4. I remember Barney's had this bag online, but be careful, I've seen fakes of these too.
  5. i think it was called the quilted east/west bag... i haven't seen it in stores though; the last i saw it was on eluxury.com.
  6. I thought it was the Stam clutch bag....I've never seen one IRL, and I've seen a few fakes on eBay so be careful!
  7. I saw this E/W style at NM a while ago, it's shorter than the baby Stam (clutch). I don't like its shape (short & long), baby Stam is a lot cuter. =)