Did Michael Kors do faux snakeskin?

  1. I bought a purse at TJs today - I'm having a hard time telling if it's real snakeskin or faux. It says on the card inside how to take care of leather so it may be faux? I tried looking online for any pythonish bags by MK but can't seem to find any. What season did he do the python styles in, does anyone know? It says $500 on the TJ tag. It's really cute but I'm not sure I'm keeping it - might eBay it but would like to try to find out what style it is and if it's real or not?

    Thanks girls!
  2. most likely it's a python embossed skin.. if you can't pick up the scales at all, then this is what it is.
  3. If the tag says $500, I am assuming it's python embossed leather. Python bags are usually more expensive than that.