Did Marc Jacobs make a mustard tote?

  1. Hey, I was at a consignment shop yesterday trying to dump spme of my bags and saw a Marc Jacobs meduim size tote that was mustard color with cognac colored straps. It had two vertical zippers (one on top of the other) on the front with pushlock pulls. I have never seen it before and considered it ugly and asked her if this was new which she said it was from this season. She said it retailed for 1200 and was selling it for $550.

    Is this from this current season? I thought the ones with the two zippers had one that was diagnol?
  2. I can't picture this style yet.
    In Fall 06, there's a mustard color called Charteuse. It was one of the colors for Soft Calf styles.
  3. The closest i could think of is the Diane

    But this retails for $1095
  4. Yeah, I saw this style too, but what threw me off was one of the zippers on this mustard tote was not diagonal like in this picture. The fact that I have not seen it before made me curious if it was a new style.