Did Marc ever make any woven bags?

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  1. I think it was metallicy bronzy color. It looked almost like a Bottega bag, but I'm not sure if I saw Marc Jacobs on it. If anyone can identify the model or style, I'm more than thankful. Thanks :smile:
  2. Here's the Elsa

    the hutton woven clutch

    the bianca
  3. The ones I saw did not have any flaps on top. Are there any more styles? Maybe I'm looking at the wrong brand :sad:
  4. No, it wasn't this. It was very plain with just woven leather and nothing else. I looked at Bottega too, but I couldn't find the style. The woven leather was diagnoally woven just like the Bottega. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  5. MJ hasn't done any bags with a diagonal weave, at least as far as I know anyway.
  6. they have those bags on elux right now on clearance!! (the woven collection bags!)
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    I'm diggin' the woven clutch...and the bianca! I still think the price on the clutch is outrageous! Even on clearance! But thanks for the heads up MJDaisy :biggrin: