Did Macy's send me the wrong bag?

  1. I ordered a brown Ali for F&F from the Macy's store in Dallas (since our Macy's are not "big enough" to carry Coach products). My bag arrived yesterday, but I am not sure this is the brown. It seems to have a lot of red, and I am wondering if they sent me the whiskey color. Help! :wtf: Here are the pics:
  2. looks like whiskey to me!
  3. Your pics look like the whiskey. What does the tag say?
  4. They took the tag off before they shipped it...I will check the pockets...
  5. Okay...the tag was not in the pockets, but I found it in the envelope stapled to my receipts. It says "WY"...crap! What can I do? The girl said it was the last one they had! I specifically said I wanted the brown color! Any ideas???
  6. Yeah that's definitely whiskey...
  7. the absolute best way to get this resolved is to go to the store yourself... even if u have to drive extra.. macys SAs are not trained to know coach so they see brown they think brown! did you specify that you wanted the color brown written on the tag, and that there were other colors in the brown family?
  8. I am so bummed! I don't want the whiskey...I really want the brown. And I don't really want to pay $20 to ship this bag back when it was their mistake. <sigh>
  9. I'd make a phone call first if there's a number to call. Then see if they can track down a brown one for you. Good luck.
  10. According to the Macy's website they did not carry whiskey...only brown, white and black. I can't drive to the store because it is in another state. It would cost more in gas than it would for the bag! :sad:
  11. It was their mistake, they should take care of the extra shipping costs. Is there an 800 number on your slip you can call?
    Sorry about your disappointment, hope it works out.
  12. Call Macy's. They should ship you the correct bag and provide packaging for you to ship the incorrect one back-- that's how this sort of thing usually works.
  13. they might send her the wrong bag again though and she might lose the 20%
  14. I think it's wrong too. The brown pic on Macy's website definitely looks a lot darker than this bag. I looked at the Ali on Coach's site and the pic of the brown from Macy's also looks darker than any of the Ali's Coach has on their site (Coach doesn't have the brown one online).
  15. unfortunately you might have a heck of a time getting this fixed. The Macy's stores dont' deal a lot in mail order stuff, and they might not be completely willing to take it back by mail. I would call the store you ordered it from and talk to them, but be prepared for a fight.

    Like PP said, these Macys employees that work at the Coach counters don't know that much about Coach. They usually cover the whole handbags/accessories dept and all the brands that come with it.

    Good luck!!! :yes: