Did LV launch their own online store?

  1. I did a search for this topic, but it did not turn up.
    Since I've been rather out of the loop lately, Mods, please close this thread if it was already discussed.

    Ok... ok... I am panicking or maybe just excited!!

    I was about to buy a passport cover after seeing Sunshine's post, so I did a search for it.

    On LouisVuitton.com, you can do your 'e-shopping' and buy the items directly from LV instead of going through their subsidary, eLuxury. (Click on "E-Shopping")
    It lists the prices and is alot easier to navigate than eLux.

    While I was in Vietnam, a friend of a friend said that they were going to launch a new website and eLux is on its way out... I didn't think much of it.

    Maybe the quality sent directly from LV will be better than eLux. :tup:

    So is it possibly true?? Can anyone confirm this?
  2. I've heard this as well. I'm not sure about elux being out for LV though. I know elux will still exist because they sell other brands, but maybe they'll quit selling LV. I wasn't happy with the one LV piece I bought from them because it looked used.
  3. OMG..if this is true I'm going to be happily in the poor house. :yahoo:
  4. when i click on "eshopping" it takes me to the eluxury website...

  5. Hmm.. strange & you're in the US, too.
    It's taking me directly to LV's "E-Store".
  6. cool...I noticed it works when i click on UK...but on USA it goes to elux...how strange
  7. I think Lv plans to make there own website to shop on. I cant wait.
  8. confused...
  9. I'm confused too, but if they're making their own online store I'm hoping like heck that it's going to sell to those countries Elux and lv.com don't already cater for.
  10. oh wow this is interesting. this one actually ships to hawaii whereas elux doesn't. but i don't know why anyone from hawaii would buy online at the higher price.
  11. If I go to vuitton.com it also sends me to Eluxury, but if I use the link provided then it goes to LV... I wonder if the LV site will charge tax? Elux doesn't charge me tax! I also get DOUBLE points on my Amex for using Eluxury!
  12. LVMH actually owns Eluxury, so it's pretty much the same company.