Did LV just do price increase on their items other than the batignolles?

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  1. I'm just browsing through eluxury site and noticed that the epi soufflot is listed as $1,090 now. I bought it last year for $970 and I thought it went up to $990 about a month after my purchase. Or am I just totally out of date?
  2. I think the Lockit went down also but I can't be sure.
  3. I don't notice anything increased! There was increase in October-ish...maybe that's why you're seeing a higher price than when you purchased.
  4. Aaah.. I see. Oh well. then I'm just out of date on LV pricing. :shame:
  5. The price increased for epi soufflot wasnt the most recent. I think it was last yr Fall or something if i m not wrong.
  6. Lol yeah not every style goes up in price. I think the Speedy stayed at the same price last time when a lot of other styles went up in price. It just depends...I don't really think they have a rhyme or reason for which styles' prices go up and when.
  7. I know a pair of mens shoes went up, the damier geant speeding sneaks used to be 415 and are now 430... groundbreaking i know... but just putting in a fact lol
  8. I don't think that the Lockit went down in price. They seem the same to me.:shrugs:
  9. I read in another topic that it did..I'll see if I can find it again.
  10. mono lin speedy went from $670 to $675
  11. ^ i'm pretty certain the mini speedy was always $675 since it was launched. it's been that price on elux for awhile. the lockit prices have not decreased, but i hope it will soon! don't know about epi pieces since i'm not usually up to date on the pricing of anything from that line.
  12. ^^I am hoping too, I would like an LH, but may go with a BH instead.