Did LV ever release a monogram with skull design pattern/prints on it?

Mar 19, 2009
Its been bugging me for days...

I saw an intern here at the office walk past by me holding a Speedy 30 mongram canvas that had a skull design all over it.

The pattern was printed similarly as it was on a LV Mongram Roses (like all over the bag). The skull was in a cartoony pop style (murakami-like and in black and white), and had the phrase "I LOVE PE" or "I heart PE" underneath it.

I never got the chance to talk to her or take a closer look at the bag, coz her internship ended the next day after I saw it (Darn!)

I started painting bags recently so there's a big possibility it might have been customized too.

Anyhow, would you folks happen to know if LV ever come out with a design with skulls?