Did LV ever make the vernis in a light pink? (not the marshmallow)...

  1. just wondering if anyone knew...thanks
  2. yes they did!
  3. yup! They made a rose colour I think in 99/00.
  4. For sure they did...I always get the two mixed up!
  5. really?
    how to tell the difference?
  6. Marshmallow is more of a light baby pink...

    Rose is darker and has a more purplish hue:
  7. I :love: the pink
  8. The Rose is really pretty.
    I had a Rose Mott I wish I never would have traded.
  9. ah~i see, thanks Karman :smile:
  10. MMmmm..that pink looks yummy.
  11. Rose was really pretty!
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