Did LV ever make the French Purse / Porte-Monnaie Billets in the Matte vernis?

  1. ... much like this one:

    eBay: Genuine Louis Vuitton wallet in original box. (item 140019840492 end time Aug-21-06 21:08:14 PDT)

    I don't know what this line is really called, I just made up "matte vernis" but I could have sworn I saw this line avaliable on eluxury before but now it is not there anymore. I do not recall that line making a French purse but I could be mistaken. I am guessing they discontinued it? Nevertheless, the wallet is BEAUTIFUL!! :girlsigh: Anyone know how well this material holds up? Is it as fragile as the vernis? Where else can I find this version of the French Purse if I cannot find it in LV stores, eluxury, or ebay. This is the first time I have ever seen anything like it on ebay!
  2. it's the Monogram Mat line. i think there was a French Purse in this line before, but i can't remember because it was so long ago. the line's been discontinued for a long time now, but you can still call the 866 and ask if they have anything left anywhere.
  3. Thank you so much yeuxhonnetes!! Anyone know if it really retailed for $550 as some ebayers do not list an accurate price or how fragile items from this line are? I am looking for something that can withstand daily use. TIA!