Did LV ever make boxes like this?

  1. I saw that on Karen Kooper's site and I was wondering if LV ever used boxes like that:

  2. Yes!:yes:
  3. yes they did :smile: but now discontinued
  4. oh thanks! I prefer the newer boxes anyways haha.
  5. I think that they stopped to use these boxes around 2003-2004
  6. Discontinued in 2002 is my last box and still have it. They're actually nicer than the new hard boxes. They are harder and more durable. Even though the newer hard boxes are nicer in color they're just not as stiff.
  7. Absolutely legit....commonly referred to as 'Epi boxes'
  8. Yep, I loved these boxes!
  9. Yap they are.. !! I still have mines with me :smile:
  10. ohhh ,, those boxes are classic! I remember them too
  11. Yes.
    LV did use hard-sided boxes that had what I called an "epi" finish to them.
    They finished them with the signature blue ribbon and seal.
    Can you tell i'm "dating" myself ?? These were ages ago !!!!!!!
  12. they were a while ago =) those boxes came with the LV blue ribbon
  13. yes but years ago. I like the new boxes better.
  14. Yes, I think 2003-2004 is about right. I first started buying LV in 2003 and have a gift certficate box in that shade of brown.
  15. I like the look of them. Too bad they're not around anymore.