Did LV ever make a purple/light purple agenda?

  1. I think I remember someone from college having one - was this ever made?
  2. The vernis line had a beautiful shade called lavande, but not in the PM agenda. The older vernis agendas were done in vernis: beige, grey, red, bronze, marshmallow.....perhaps they will do a newer one in this shade in 2008.....violette !!!!!
  3. There was also one in the purple (lavender) Epi I believe.
  4. Yup, there was a lilac epi agenda.

  5. Do you happen to have a picture of this?
  6. All pics are from eBay.

    Here's the Lavender which was more blue/periwinkle (no agenda made in this color either)

    Here's the Purple (no agenda made in this color I don't think)

    Here's the Lilac Epi
  7. Thanks so much!!!! The lavender is soo pretty!
  8. You're welcome! :tup: