Did LV ever make a Large Agenda in Multicolore?

  1. Don't know if this is a stupid question, but it's not on their website or on elux...? I saw a picture though; did they ever come out with this? Thanks!
  2. The agenda in my avatar is classed as the large.
    I love it, it's my work diary, holiday planner etc.:tup:
  3. ^^^ Yup, that's the largest MC Agenda that LV made.

    LV has made the follwing agendas in MC (going from smallest to largest):
    -Carnet De Bal [Not sure if you'd consider that as an agenda.]
    -Small Ring
    -Large Ring
  4. ok thanks!
  5. Wow..... I thought these were discontinued!!!!!.....hmmmmm
  6. It is really cute, but I would never use it!

  7. Me too! .... I thought they were discontinued also.

    Ahhh, I want one now. :push:
  8. They are incredible, I've been dying to have one in black. Just wish they'd made a Medium in MC, too.
  9. just got the vendredi multicolore to use as a journal. really large and beautiful. I am worried about refills though, since its discontinued...