Did LV boutique give me a fake??

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  1. I think I'm getting paranoid because I just read a post about how Classic Chic's bag was authenticated wrong by the SA. If SAs can authenticate a LV bag wrong and accept exchanges/returns... what if the we customers end up buying a really good fake? Anyway, a while ago a bought a manhattan pm from elux. One of the tabs seemed crooked to me so I was luckily able to exchange it for a better one at the Macys LV boutique. I just want to make sure the bag I have now is not one of the returned super fakes. Please tell me this is real. thanks.
    DSC00554.JPG DSC00556.JPG DSC00557.JPG DSC00558.JPG DSC00555.JPG
  2. a few more
    DSC00559.JPG DSC00560.JPG DSC00563.JPG
  3. oops, sry i scared u that way.....but base on the pix, i think it's auth, or u can always bring it to LV boutique and ask the manager to authenticate for you.
  4. Don't worry, looks real to me.:yes:
  5. I don't think so. Besides she bought her bag of eBay, and i think the odds if that are like 1 in a million
  6. Yeah don't worry about it. It's real.
  7. Looks fine to me.
  8. The pics look real to me too.
  9. looks good! Dont worry. but for your piece of mind, you can always take it to the lv store where a manager can authenticate it for you.
  10. looks gorgeous congrats...
  11. Please Watermark your pics, they scream "Steal me for an eBay auction"...

    (that should indicate that it looks auth to me)
  12. its real nothing is wrong with the bag.
  13. real.
  14. There should not be any worry if the item is from the boutique. The eBay and other location as source of purchase tends to have this risk. Thats why before purchase, get them authentic in this forum at very least and after receive the item, take some photos and reauthentic again. Thats the only way. Some SA is still a trainee or not experience enough. Some SA also bad enough in the way they treat the customers. So take every precaution as much as possible.

  15. Don't worry, it's fine. But if you are concerned, bring it to LV and have it authenticated.
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