Did Linea Pelle Totally Rip-Off MJ?

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  1. I've always liked LP handbags. I actually own one w/a matching wallet, and there's nothing like that extremely soft washed leather. They hold up really well. I've even had my eye on the Lauren Conrad style, thinking about maybe buying one. Well, I got an email today that included a new style - the "Dylan Quilted Bowler Bag" -- if you're at all familar w/LP, you know that the Dylan is one of their most popular styles but now they've made it available in a quilted leather. At first glance, however, I thought this bag looked a lot like MJ's Quilted Elise bag. So then I looked at LP's website, and sure enough, there is a whole line of quilted leather bags and to me, they all look very much like a Marc Jacobs. What do you guys think -- does it look like LP copied MJ's look in order to sell more bags or do you think that this was just an innocent marketing idea created to sell more bags?

  2. Wow... that does look very mj-inspired to me!! If I saw someone carrying it I would assume it was a k/o (not a fake but per se but one of those "inspired by" bags).
  3. I think it's definitely 'inspired-by' and not as cute as MJ! ;)
  4. They look like a cheap fake, there's no way I'd buy one.
  5. ^^I agree. The bag doesn't look very nice compared to other LP bags I've seen.

  6. Agreed.
  7. LP bags are made of this really, really soft washed leather -- they don't really hold their shape when they're empty and if you don't stuff them, they tend to fold & flop. I don't think the quilted leather works with this type of leather because of this -- This is the same bag - one with the handles raised, the other using the shoulder strap. I think it just looks awful!!

  8. ^^^Looks like cloth. :yucky:
  9. Well, it doesn't do it for me. I agree w/ pghandbag, I would think it was an "inspired by" bag... Nice to see a purse in the MJ forum that I would NOT consider buying! :P
  10. I have a few LP dylans (plain ones) myself and they should stop there. They are known for the care free, tumbled look of their bags. Treading on quilted territory is IMHO a disaster for their line. That's just my view.
  11. ITA! Definitely looks MJ-inspired but not as hot as an MJ ;)
  12. ITA -- I had a grey Dylan with a matching wallet, but it was one of the bags I took to the resale shop. The leather is really nice. Thick and very soft, and the bag can withstand a lot of heavy wear, but I don't think this type of leather works in quilted form. Quilted leather is a little more "dressy" or sophisticated and LP bags are more relaxed, carefree bags. I really think they were trying to keep up w/the market (but it doesn't work)
  13. the first bag strongly resembles the quilted elise. no doubt about that. i mean, marc's been accused of ripping off other designers before: chanel with the quilting and chains, and we certainly can't forget about the "scandal" with hermes and their exclusive claim on the color orange and locks.

    regardless, i think the double stitch quilting, much like the pushlocks, is a mj trademark at this point whether or not one argues that it's chanel inspired. i'm not bashing on lp lovers or anything. i'm sure they are nice bags, and as i've said before rarely anything is original these days, but those particular styles are :yucky: and look so cheap.
  14. i think it does resemble mj but not enough for a big stir.

    i think the bags are pretty cheap looking through.