did lindsay shopper ever come in black??

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  1. i keep reading posts that mention a black lindsay shopper. are these posters referring to espresso (dark brown)? did lindsay ever come in black? i have asked this after the posts but never got a response. thanks in advance!:confused1:
  2. No, it came in expresso. It's such a dark, rich brown it can look black to some, and it depends on the lighting as well.
  3. It came in petrol, which is a really dark blackish color
  4. I saw the espresso at my outlet last weekend. It is so dark I honestly thought it was black at first. I had to get it up and into some different light before I realized it was a really dark brown.
  5. Maybe the ones I saw were brown. My colors aer off sometimes. I'm sorry if I confused anyone!
  6. ^^You mean you aren't right 100% of the time. :shocked: Call the purse police! :police:
  7. thanks everyone. guess we figured it out!