Did Lindsay Fake her broken wrist?

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  1. This is all the rage in celeb blog land so I thought I'd start a late thread here.




    The captions in the linked photo's say that these were taken from her last visit this week when she broke her wrist.
    Obviously she is resting her head on her left wrist.
    Her left wrist is the one that is now in a cast.

    Maybe she was hospitalized for something else?

    I think these are recent photos.
    Someone would have released them by now of they were old.
    If there is a conspiracy against Lindsay, and I'm sure there are people who live for her to fail...then these could have been taken during her last visit (by Lohan herself as you see) and given to someone who now hates her.

    Also, why does she keep hiding the wrist? She's really playing on the drama, it's a cast dude.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. but man she's pretty with no makeup.
  3. if she faked it........ then she should be ashamed of herself... lying to get what? sympathy? i am guessing not money coz she has lots of that..

  4. No, lying to cover up another "exhaustion" episode.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. nice muse.
  7. Yeah, last I checked they don't put heart monitors on you for a broken wrist... OR hospital gowns unless you broke your humerus and are wearing like, a turtle neck or something :P
  8. She needs to straighten out her life!
  9. why would you rest your humongous muse on a fractured wrist? wouldn't that hurt? i don't know if she faked it, but isnt she trying to sue the studios for not taking careful precautions for the slippery ground?
  10. Yes, that is odd that she would be on a monitor and in a gown for a fractured wrist. I bet these are pics from her "dehydration" or "exhaustion" episodes....tho she DO look like she gots some painkiller on board...do she not?:graucho:
  11. She is Sooooo Young, she needs more guidance.
  12. The photos could be backwards. This happens alot (and I mean alot!) when printing or putting photos up on the net. They are put back to front. Its not usually dont intentionally though.
  13. She needs to get her life together. All this drama is getting old... :rolleyes:
  14. wasn't she hospitalised for an asthma attack recently?? they may have put the monitors on her then....
  15. I couldn't agree more :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: