Did JP Gaultier really design the Kelly Pochette?

  1. Hi there everyone,

    I had thought the Kelly Pochette was first introduced a couple years ago, and that it was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier for Hermès. However, I talked to my SA recently and she said that Gaultier didn't design the Kelly Pochette, and that he designed a shoulder style Birkin. Is this true? Wasn't the Kelly Pochette designed by Gaultier? And when was it introduced? I always see it referred to as the JPG Kelly Pochette, so I assumed it's his design.

    I'm not terribly familiar with all the various Hermès purses, and I was hoping you could clear this up for me. I just bought a Kelly Pochette for someone for this Christmas and I want to be able to tell her about it. Thanks very much.

  2. I thought so too, I always called it the jpg kelly.. hmmm
  3. Tha's funny, my SA told me he DID design it! LOL....soiunds like another one of those Hermes things - the SA's can be really mis-informed, I've found, and you're left never knowing quite who to believe.

    Only he could design the Shoulder Birkin, though! LOL!
  4. It came out around the same time as his first H collection and every SA I have ever spoken with about this bag has referred to it as the JPG Kelly or the JPG Kelly clutch, or overseas, JPG Kelly Pouchette. So it is my understanding that he did design the KP bag. I know he designed the shoulder Birkin as well.
  5. ^ ITA! Back then, there were many articles about his arrival at Hermes and his updates to the brand.

    Btw, he modified three handbag designs:

    Birkin (birth: 1984) ~ shoulder birkin
    Kelly (birth: 1956) ~ Kelly Pouchette
    Trim II (birth: 1958) ~ Trim I
    His new designs became available 2004/5.
  6. Hmmm ... I'm not sure about this. IMO, the overall shape and Kelly buckle signature have been around for many years. JPG did modify it a little here and there. Thus, the Kelly Pochette was born.
  7. Thanks very much for the info. I'm surprised my Hermès SA didn't know all about the bags' histories, or at least that he designed the Pochette. Since there's so much passion for Hermès items and their brand, I'd think their SAs would know a lot about the bags. Perhaps they do know a lot about their scarves, since that does seem to be the core of the Hermès brand and there is so much interesting history behind them. Thanks again.