Did JC ever make a patent leather Tulita?

  1. The interior lilac label looks good. I have seen some colored Tulita type JC's in the past, but never this color. I think it is authentic, tho.:tup:
    This should have been posted in the authentication thread so it may get moved.
  2. Oh! I'm sorry for posting in the wrong spot.(board dummy here)Thanks so much for answering me though. :smile:
  3. Yes!
    My only concern with that one - Is the condition looks pretty rotten.
    From what I see there's a stain right on the front of the bag, along with the rest of the bag looking crusty.
    With patent you cannot remove it as with leather you can have the bag competely dyed.
  4. I agree, it looks bad. You cannot have patent re-dyed since the plastic coating on the leather is on top of the dyed leather. I would not buy this no matter how much I liked patent green.
  5. Thanks so much!!
  6. My friend has this style in a raspberry / red patent and it is adorable - but its in perfect, brand new condition.

    I beleive they made this particular style in green, white and raspberry and if you can find a mint one - its super cute!
  7. Lady C: Do you know what year they are from?
  8. I have this exact bag. I got it on sale in June 2005 for $449 at Bergdorf. It was originally $750.
  9. I think in 05 - I was just starting to get the JC bug :p
    Thanks for the info Patois :smile:

    I think this style is adorable and carries more than what it looks like it would.
  10. Yoox has a tulita in turquoise for sale...don't think it is patent, but it is new and authentic.
  11. Thanks :smile: