Did I wait too long??? Desperately want a Black Caviar Jumbo with Bijoux Chains

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  1. I've been hunting a Black Caviar Jumbo with Bijoux Chains for almost a year now. In that time, I've seen one on Ebay (which I referred to others on tPf since it was too much for me), but now I really REALLY want one.

    Anyone know if these will ever be re-released by Chanel again? Should I continue to stalk evil bay on a daily basis or should I just wait for it to come back eventually?

    I guess I'm just looking for any advice because I'm honestly sick of waiting! I want one asap, but I don't know how that is going to happen :s.

    Thanks for the support!
  2. Hi you might want to try this, bought from her once and her items are authentic. She also has an ebay account ID kwincool. You might want give it a try, to have peace of mind pls. get it authenticated at TPF. Goodluck.
  3. i saw a lady shopping at the mall a couple weeks ago, and wow that bag really caught my eye, caviar was gorgeous and those chain straps are sooooooo sparkly

    good luck finding one! It is TDF
  4. Nobody else has any other thoughts or ideas? I'm definitely holding out for caviar since I hardly use my lambskin bags...

    I guess I'll just keep stalking and hoping :sad:
  5. Will definitely post here when I see one! They're quite rare to come by but keep looking :hugs:
  6. I saw one that sold for a very good price but that was a while ago! Chanel re-releases the bijoux chain every few years but it has been a while since they have made them with Caviar leather. Two years ago they made the bijoux chain with Glazed Lambskin.
  7. Hmmm, if they have released them multiple times in the past, I suppose it's likely they will eventually come back? I would obviously feel much safer buying a brand new one, now I just need to learn a little patience...

    On the other hand, my caviar WOC got ruined last night, so maybe finding this beautiful bag will cheer me up! Ahh, I'm just so frustrated :shucks: but maybe something will come up sooner rather than later (fingers crossed).
  8. rough night?!?!? how did it get ruined?? yikes! sorry to hear

  9. Ugh, I took the WOC out with me to a few bars and I came home to find a very dark spot right on the front (and not a tiny spot, about a cm long). Well, silly me wasn't thinking clearly and just wanted to get it off, so I rubbed the spot with a paper towel, soap and water. It got the initial spot off but left a big ole water mark and it rubbed the caviar pebbles down :nuts:

    After much effort today, i think it's still "usable" but only in a going out capacity. As in, dark rooms are now my best friend.

    I think I could be reported for Chanel abuse :police:
  10. Sorry to hear about your WOC.
  11. Oh wow thats terrible! So sorry to hear about that! In the future you can try to use a eraser to get the marks out.