did i throw away my first n only coach pce?

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  1. hi ladies. im new to this forum. i stumbled across it when i was googling 4 pictures of an old coach leather ergo and ive been reading it for a couple weeks. i recently bought my 3rd-4th Coach bag from the actual store and i got a card in the mail. i dont remember exactly what it said, but it had 25% on it and i remember thinking "It woulda been nice to have this a couple weeks ago when i bought my bag", so i just tossed it thinking i had already made my purchase and there wasnt anything else i wanted.

    could that have been a 'pce' that i see you guys always talking about? everytime i hear u guys talking about pce's i ask myself what that is, but im wondering if i had 1 and tossed it :tdown: if it was im going to slap myself bc ever since ive been reading this forum i feel like my thirst will never be quenched. coachgirl12 has got me hooked on a madison shoulder bag. i wanted to gathered sophia at first but now it seems like i want the madison and i will by so upset with myself if i had a chance to get a discount and i tossed it. i am almost certain it was a coupon.
    ill just keep telling myself it was time sensative and that it wouldve expired now anywayz. GRRRRRRRR!
  2. oya another reason im almost certain it was a coupon was becuz when i opened it i thought "Coach is to high class to do coupons" n i thought that was weird.
  3. Yes, that was likely a PCE. And yes, it would have expired by now. They send them out periodically though and hopefully you'll get another. I get them sometimes and sometimes I don't. And if you give the Coach store your e-mail you may get some ePCEs sometimes too.

    So don't slap yourself. It is all good! And welcome to the boards!!!
  4. i juss realized i may have put this in the wrong section. i just clicked my way to coach but didnt realize there r different sections sorry if i did
  5. It's all good. The mods can move this to the PCE section if they want. :smile: I recommend you look around because there are a lot of different section and helpful threads. The rules of the boards are posted too. It helped me a lot when I first started coming here!

    Good luck!