Did I spot a real birkin?

  1. While at the Barney's outlet this weekend I saw a woman with a black bag that looked like a Hermes birkin. I only got a quick glance, it had white lettering that said 'Hermes Paris...' Do black bags have white lettering like that? I'm not looking at one so closely until I have the funds set aside for it. :smile:

    If it was real, was it a TPF member? I was in the Leesburg Premium Outlets.
  2. i've never seen a birkin with white lettering. it always matches the hardware. maybe you mistook silver for white?
  3. It really looked like white to me, I was sort of struck by how white it looked on the black. I did only see it for a sec though.

    Its funny though, I live in Washington, D.C. and I've seen a grand total of two Hermes birkins ever. One I found out was a fake after asking the person carrying it.
  4. I'm willing to bet it was a fake.