Did I see you? K-1 World Grand Prix in Honolulu

  1. Lol, so I was watching the K-1 World Grand Prix between Hong-Man Choi (Korea) and Mike Malone (U.S.A.) on some sports channel last night and what see my tired eyes:

    A beautiful dark haired lady with a pink top and a pink (couldn't quite tell whether fuchsia or framboise, but I'd tend to say the latter) Reade PM on her lap sitting among the audience. :nuts:

    I really scared the hell outta my boyfriend becaese I suddenly screamed "Look, Louis!" :roflmfao:

    So, did I by chance see another beloved tPF member?!?!
  2. ^^ Lol
  3. Not me!

    I know Disney4us has a pink reade pm... is she back from Vegas, yet?

    Dis, was that you? ;)
  4. I just found a youtube video


    If you ff to 8:53 you kinda can see her in the background :p On her left side is a guy in a white t-shirt