Did I see wrong?

  1. Okay I went to the casino and I seen a LV denim speedy in a light soft pink it looked so beautiful it was like a size 30 but it didnt look like the bright pink and it looked well proportioned not 2 long I did a double take and admired :drool:it as she passed by but I have looked for one and no luck do you think it was a fake? Or is it new?
  2. Was it the Monogram Mini Trapeze?
  3. I dont know? I cant find that style umm I went in to LV web and elux but dont see anything called Trapeze.
  4. This style?

  5. it looks just like neo it had the pockets but it looked fatter, bigger handles were like the neo Im sorry but it was very pertty. the LV's we bigger like the Neo I could read the LV's and it looked brand new it looked like it had no patina yet.
  6. Sounds like a fake to me...
  7. If it was fake, I hate her!
  8. I agree with Karman, sounds fake.

    The only bag that I could think of that fits your description pretty well is the Trapeze (what Karman posted)
  9. Yeah it also sounds fake to me. The Trapeze is the closest you'd get.
  10. screams..... "fake fooey vuitton " to me !!!
  11. I think it was a fake.
  12. If it was soft pink with pockets in front like the neo, then I'm sure it's fake!
  13. Yup, certainly sounds fake to me. The Trapeze was the only thing I could think of, Karman yours looks great by the way! But I think you were looking at a fake-a-roo! Sorry.