Did I screw up?

  1. I passed up a 32cm Rouge H Kelly in VL.... did I screw up? :crybaby: Is Rouge H hard to come by?
  2. No,no you didnt screw up. You just made your wallet very happy!
  3. As I recently found out! rouge H is definitelly in production, so if in 6 mo. you decide you want it.... you will probably get it!
  4. ^^^ really? That's good to know!! The SA kept mentioning how rare Rouge H was. I must stay focused on my birkin hunt!!
  5. I have just unscrewed you hahaha!

    The bag was not meant for you, otherwise, you will not pass it up!
  6. Fopduck.....if you passed on it, then it wasn't right for you. Keep focused on your Birkin....are you looking for something in Vache Ligee?

    Was this in San Fran and was it Jose!?!?!?!? That devil.....
  7. That is funny LaVan!:roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  8. Jose>:devil:
  9. My SA told me they expect to get several rouge H bags in in the next several months.
  10. definitely not!
    funny how on the hermes subforum there is a lot of "not buying" remorse instead of buyer's remorse.

    was it souple or rigid?
  11. You wouldn't have left without it, if it was meant to be! Something else will stir your heart for sure...
  12. Definitely not, Fopduck :flowers: Stay focused on your Birkin hunt!:girlsigh:
  13. Don't worry, you wouldn't have left without it if you really wanted it. Stay focused...birkin, birkin, birkin! :choochoo: :flowers:
  14. You definitely did not screw up. Don't ever take something because you feel pressured. After the initial decline you may go through a slight depression, but that will pass quickly and you'll feel relieved that you did not shell out a chunk of money for something that's not 100% perfect for you:yes:
  15. Well said, Kou! Well said!

    Fopduck....I predict there will be a lovely Rouge H something or other in your near future! Something delicious to go with that FABBY Black Chevre Kelly I continue to drool over......