Did I ruin my fuschsia vernis cles?

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  1. Ok, here is my cles. I didn't want to show it at first because it was so beat up. So I cleaned it and put it inside a pillow case and threw it in the washer. It looks so much cleaner now but I think the texture changed. It feels softer. I don't know if I ruined it. Let me know how it looks.
    Vernis_Fuchsia_Cles copy.jpg
  2. oh.. what happenned poshinstyle, i mean why would u wash it?!
  3. It was just soooo dirty:yucky: . Does it look really bad?:sad:
  4. :Push: Sorry but the Vernis dos not look smooth KWIM? Is it dry yet?
  5. it doesnt look that bad, but it sorta look washed out *if u wanna what i mean*
  6. I washed my vernis red key pochette recently, but only the outside because the zipper-fabric was a little dirty. Some water spilled between the outside and the inside lining. I was shocked because there were some sort "blisters" on the outside.
    BUT, an hour later it was all dried up and the blisters went away. My pochette is clean now ! :yahoo:
  7. It doesn't look that bad actually, I think it might look more "smoother" if you put cards/money inside. Was it empty when the photo was taken posh?
  8. i didnt know that you can wash it... wow! you're brave :sad: it looks ok to me, but i've never really own a vernis..
  9. Yikes. I would never attempt to put a leather item in the washer. If it is still damp, I wonder if you could put something inside to help it dry a little flatter?
  10. looks clean now but, try to smooth it again somehow...how did it so dirty is vernis easily dirtied????
  11. i think it looks okay to me. maybe it just take some time to really dry.
    after its dry.. it'll return back to the normal texture i guess.
  12. A lot of us have some great recommendations on some things to do to clean vernis (although vernis is very difficult to clean and stay clean). I would not recommend putting vernis or any other leather (other than tennis shoes) through the washer. A fellow Pfer actually cleaned her vernis cles and put the pictures up a while ago on how she cleaned it. I would do a search on alternative cleaning methods before doing this washer method.

    With that being said, I hope that your cles turns out ok. It looks wavy in that picture. Like the leather is stretched out or maybe there is water in it. Can you take a picture in 24 hours so we can see any differences?
  13. Wow, you gals are brave! I would never try the washer and I know someone reccomended nail polish remover on vernis :wtf: .

    But, I don't think it looks too bad, like others said a bit wavy, but hopefully it will flatten out as it dries.
  14. omg I can't believe you put it the washer, my fingers are crossed that you get a happy ending,
  15. It looks like the stamping of the LVs and design arent as deep as they should be. And the cles itself looks sort of mis shapen from the washer. I so hope you can get it back to normal....... Sorry this happened.