Did I ruin my chances at this job?

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  1. I just got called by this company that's hiring and I got the contact through someone mutual... it was amazing. They called me ASAP on Monday of last week. I went out of state at the end of last week and had to tell them that and to schedule our interview for this coming Tuesday... so 8 days later.

    Are my chances at this job totally ruined? Is this a "if you snooze you lose" situation?

    Should I call them tomorrow? It's tricky because I have work and then I drive immediately to school so I don't even have a break. I do have a chance to hop on the phone but it's tough while driving. I could e-mail but I'd probably do that either tonight, very early tomorrow morning (like 7) or after 4:00 tomorrow. The place probably closes at 5, though.

    What do you guys think? Did I ruin my chances...? Do I contact them as it's been a bit of time and how should I? I'm so nervous because I feel like I ruined it now...
  2. I'm confused, it sounds like you already set up an interview for Tuesday? If so, why would you call them tomorrow..help me here..:smile:
  3. Because it's 8 days later, they probably had other interviews with that much time as they need someone or it might have sounded like I'd never me around.
  4. IMO as long as they are still interviewing candidates, you've got a shot at it.
  5. If you have an interview set up, you could call to confirm but I would plan to go unless they tell you otherwise. For my current job, the interviewed candidates for 9 months, and the time between my first interview and when the offered me the job (by the way I was in Chanel when they called, and there I was negotiating my comp package) it was 3 full months.
  6. I agree with Pursegrrl. Companies take more time nowadays to hire because they see how much money they lose when hiring the wrong candidate. No harm in calling them. =) good luck!

  7. Yep. I agree. I was in New Zealand when I got the interview call for my current job. Had a phone interview two weeks later, they had me come in and I'm still working there today (Sunday..lol..no guarantees for tomorrow! :biggrin:)
  8. I wouldn't worry. It is so hard getting on people's calendars these days -- everyone has meetings nonstop. The situation is probably that the person interviewing you isn't free until then. Don't stress!
  9. This afternoon I gave them a call just to get back in touch and make sure tomorrow was still good for them. It was great because they sounded really excited to have me come in. They even said to me I sound extremely professional and that our mutual contact spoke very highly of me. I was so happy to hear something like that!
    They said they'd take a look at my portfolio and set it up with me... Can I really go by that to think I may get the job?

    I am SOOO excited but I keep getting nervous off and on... I graduate in December and they know. PT to get to FT like that. TOO perfect... I'm really excited.
  10. ^^ Nice work, Adore! Now go in there and knock 'em dead tomorrow, and don't forget to send in thank yous to everyone you spoke with!!

    Please let us know how it went! Sending happy vibes your way...

  11. According to my psychology professor, being one of the last candidates to be interviewed for a job works in your favor. Interviewers meet so many people that they have the most trouble remembering those who interviewed at the beginning and middle. Hope that makes you feel better.
  12. Yeah, I think they recognized that you are eager to get the job and you are serious about it. From what you're saying, I think it sounds good. Hopefully it works out in your favour. Good luck!
  13. Thanks so much you guys! I don't know though about this place... I had my interview... and I am exhausted. I don't know if this is something I want to do anyway. It sounds so exciting but there's a lot about it that I didn't expect and that I had no idea was involved. I feel like I'm being dragged into it and like they'll take me at any time of the day I'm available-- which is fine and everything, but my lifestyle is more 9-5 than any time my body can function. I told them I have another job and that this one would have to be paid and everything and they're figuring something out.

    I feel like I'd be wasting their time if I decide against this place... but I mean, after just the interview, I feel exhausted. Our mutual contact told me to make sure I'm "clear about my agenda" and now I know why, because seriously, they will fill me up with as many things as I can take on.

    It's tough because it sounds like such a fun experience and it truly is skipping ahead YEARS of experience to get to. But I don't know if it's something I want... Any ideas as to how I could decline the job if I end up deciding on that? They are having some event later in the week and I'd also be afraid of digging myself deeper into it when I go, like sealing the deal, and I'm so unsure. I might even have class at that time-- a class that's usually tentative on that day of the week. If I have class though I should go to class, right?

    I was so excited and now I don't even know if I want to work there!
  14. *sigh* still undecided. I'm actually considering it more knowing all this about it thinking it might be a good experience. I think I'm going to go for it. It's a great opportunity. Funny how much I wanted it and how easily I became unsure. I NEVER thought that would happen ever... ever, haha.
  15. I would probably go for it. I graduated a few years ago and I've worked so hard for the past while just to try and get on top of the game. The experience will definitely stand to you in a few years. Why not indulge yourself in it for a while anyway and see how it goes. You might really enjoy the challenges