Did I pick the right one?


Which one do you like the best?

  1. Gucci Abbey

  2. Burberry Quilted

  3. Kate Spade Merrywood Rita

  4. Fendi Something or other

  5. I hate them all :)

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  1. Well, after much ordeal and deliberation, I went to Boston today to pick up my mom's planned burberry or kate spade bag (I figured after I see them in person I'll be better able to pick one)....somehow I ended up with a gucci bag...

    For those of you who don't remember, I was looking for a black "smaller type" bag for my mom as a christmas present

    I just want to see what you guys think of my choice, it's ok if you don't agree, I will probably stick with this one anyway, I'm just curious which one you guys like :smile:

    Here is the Gucci I ended up getting: Gucci - Abbey


    Burberry Quilted Brooke?:

    Kate Spade Merrywood Rita:

    Fendi Something or other:
  2. I like the Kate Spade and the Gucci that you bought the best. She'll love it-it's so tasteful. Good job!
  3. I love the gucci and the burberry, but I think you made the right choice. I bet she'll love it.
  4. I love the Gucci! Very classic.
  5. Good choice!
  6. My 1st and 2nd choises exactly. You did good. :smile:
  7. Great choice! That's a great bag, I'm sure your mom will love it. Well done for being such a lovely (and fashionable) daughter:smile:
  8. :p I'm with boxermom! :heart: Emmy
  9. You definitely picked the nicest bag. It is a classic beauty! My second choice would have been the Fendi.
  10. What wonderful taste you have along with being a gracious daughter. Your pick is the classiest by far.
  11. I like the gucci too...I actually voted for the wrong one....like the fendi too
  12. I agree with the others that you made the right choice - great purse and your mom will love it!!
  13. i love the gucci, well done!! you are such a nice daughter:yes:
  14. love your choice :yes:
  15. thanks guys, glad to see over 50% of you are agreeing with my choice :smile:

    If i got 50%'s in school i'd be failing, but I guess on here that's a pretty good percentage ;)