Did I pay too much for my Quilted Bay?

  1. Ok I think I must have been living in a shell or something, I've only just realised that everyone has been buying from LV cuz there 50% off, duh! You all got such great bargins. And the Noir is stunning!

    But I'm starting to wonder did I pay too much for my Moka (was full price)? I really wanted the quilted bay in brown as everything I own is that colour but was getting it in black worth saving the pennies? Oh dear........

    Can u make me feel better??

    (Lack of Smilies due to saddness.....)
  2. Well my tan bay was on full price and I have never actually regretted that. It is the bag I used the most. I sort of view bags as investments:s:lol: and if I get enough use of them then I dont see anything wrong with the price but I will have to buy less bags after having one that was not on sale.
  3. Well - I paid full price for a black one :nuts: (this should make you feel better!) - as I wasn't so sure whether I wanted to buy from LVR. Also, you couldn't return the reduced bags from LVR and I wasn't sure whether it would look good on me. DH said, 50% off was still too much for a bag you don't really like. Which is true. And I got a new season bag with the new dustbag and identity card! (Well worth the money ... :nuts: ...) I think it is really important to get a bag in the colour you really want. Otherwise you will always look at it and wish it would change its colour by some kind of magic. Paying half price is not worth it! Enjoy!
  4. ^ What a great DH you have!

    Cat, if that was the color you really wanted, then you didn't pay too much. I got my Moka bay on sale, but I think that in the UK most people paid full price.
  5. Ah thank you ladies for your words of wisdom! Your right, just cuz a bag is on sale doesn't mean u should buy for the sake of it. I didn'r realise you couldn't return sale items to LVR so that makes me feel better! Moka was the colour I really wanted so it was worth the extra.

    Thanks again!
  6. If you really love a bag, full price is not too much to pay!! It's better to get what you really want then to wait and be disappointed. I paid full price for my navy Jimmy Choo Ramona, they sold out, and I've never regretted it.
  7. I agree with everyone else Cat:yes: - if you have your heart set on a particular colour, then it's totally worth paying full price. The alternative is to buy something in a sale that you'd don't really love:s which in my experience, ends up being a total waste of money :tdown: ( certainly compared with a bag you use all the time).

    If it helps at all, I paid full price for my Noir, Argent and new Pigalle Quilted Bays :shame:.
  8. I have to agree...if there is something you want and can't risk losing than just get it. I had to do that with my patent Elvire and I have no regrets.
  9. After buying and returning several sale bags, I say it's better to have 1 bag you truly love than 2 that you "got a great deal on" but don't really love. I think it would actually save money in the long run since you buy only the bags you love, you'll be more picky and won't buy as many since you're paying full retail. If you're lucky enough to get them during a promotion that's even better. (now, I just need to heed my own advice...lol)