Did I pass up a huge deal?

  1. Hi all,
    I'm a relatively new Coach owner (although I'm sure my first won't be my last!) and I had a question about a potential outlet purchase... a few days ago, I found the Ergo hobo in turquoise at my local outlet (Kittery, ME) for $190 plus 20% off, making it about $152 plus tax. I LOVE the Ergos and the turquoise in particular, but I talked myself out of it because I'm about to move to Canada for grad school and I'll need to save my money to furnish an apartment. My question is, did I pass up a huge deal? Or do you think these bags will eventually appear in the outlets for an even better discount? I'm a newcomer to Coach and am not quite sure how long things remain in the outlets, so any help would be appreciated - I'm trying to decide if I should snap this bag up before I head to Alberta (where they don't have Coach outlets :tdown:). Thanks so much!
  2. I'd say that's pretty good, ergos seem to be flying out of the outlets elsewhere, so I say get it, especially if you really like it!
  3. I agree with meganlovescoach. If you can, go get it. Tourquoise is a popular color so given that fact that (a) other people want it (b) it was only $152 and (c) you're moving to a place where there is no Coach, I'd say get it.

    Now you could try eBay but I've seen the Ergo totes go anywhere between $150-$200. Plus with eBay being so hit-or-miss in terms of NOT geting ripped off, for those prices at least you will KNOW you're getting a new bag in great condition.
  4. i say you get it because that is a hot bag for a great purse. i was looking for one for a long while...
  5. I would get the bag and hunt the yard sales for affordable furniture.
    I live by the motto... Life is to be lived...
    You have to do what you think is best for you, can you really do without that furniture you are needing? If not, it might be better to not get it.

    I have a feeling thou you should go and get it that bag right away... Things always work themselves out in the end and you wont have that I should have feeling later, you can always sell the bag after you bought it, if needed. But its hard to go back and get something once its gone.
    I hate the shoulda, woulda, coulda's in life. Go for it.
  6. You are going to grad school, you need to treat yourself!
  7. I would go back and get it and if it isn't there then it wasn't meant to be so then you can use the money for your apartment. I might actually call the coach store first so you don't go there for no reason and then they could put it on hold for you, I think for up to 48 hrs.
  8. i say go get that bag!!!!!!!
    call the outlet and ask them to hold it, then you can at least think about it
    here's the number!!!! kittery is close to me too
    i am in kennebunkport maine!!!
    207 439-5915!!!!
    good luck!!!
  9. honestly, that turquoise ergo isn't going to get any cheaper at the outlets. when the price has already been slashed with an additional 20-30% off on top of that, that's pretty much as low as it'll ever go until they're sold out. i know, i go to the outlets in vacaville ALL THE TIME. this wallet that my bf bought me from there, the price hasn't dropped for over a year.

    you should get it! treat yourself if you love it and will use it, plus it's at a the outlet! so you know you're getting it cheaper than retail!
  10. The turquoise is just gorgeous, and the price sounds really great. If you can get that bag, I'd go and do it right now! You can find great deals on furniture and make it work.
  11. Was it the hobo or the tote?
  12. You better go back and get it!!! That is an awesome deal on an Ergo. Your toaster and coffee maker can wait!
  13. I live in Canada and there are Coach boutiques, just no Coach outlets. (Maybe that's what you meant.)
  14. Thanks for the input everyone - I appreciate it! Unfortunately, after reviewing how much I have to ship up there and how much it's going to cost, I just can't justify getting the bag, even though it is a great deal. :crybaby:So if any of you near Kittery want a turquoise Ergo hobo, now is your chance I guess! Thanks again!
  15. There will always be another bag...don't worry.
    Getting moved is definitely a priority worth not buying a Coach :nuts: