Did I overpay for this vintage Chanel camera bag?

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  1. i just purchased a vintage Chanel camera bag from Patina. I received it yesterday and love the shape and style. However I after searching a little bit more I found similar bags sold for 1k less. I can’t find one for sale now however this gives me the thought I can find it for less. The bag was crafted between 1994-1996. I got excited about finding this beautiful bag online and got trigger happy. As a side note has anyone used entinceler recently. I submitted a payment to them and tried to send an email several times and it bounced back.
    ED84033F-98A6-498F-AB8E-C28D20C4659E.jpeg C2FA35BE-24A0-41AB-B3F1-014644C00A54.jpeg
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  2. I would return it! For $1000 plus difference I can actually purchase a newer bag with that money! I would do more research before purchasing anything and knowing the actually value of the bag.
  3. +1
  4. How much was purchase price?
  5. Yes, what was the purchase price? Just because you googled past transactions does not mean you could find that deal now. Resellers are getting top dollar on many many styles of Chanel. I have only purchased new myself but keep an eye on what is out there and I am shocked that resellers are getting prices that are close to what a new bag retails for.
  6. $2900
  7. that’s expensive!!! If you purchase from other reseller/e bay/ fashionphile you can get this season camera bag for $3000 or maybe even less!
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  8. I hate to say it but I believe you overpaid. I see vintage bags at a local reputable consignment shop for less.

    Nevertheless if you love the bag and will use it, just enjoy it.
  9. Thank you ladies. I guess I will ship it back. I hate overpaying even though it is a beautiful bag.
  10. You definitely overpaid.

    The seller I've tried to buy from in the past and all her items seem to be priced pretty.
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  11. I think you overpaid. I've seen new Chanel Camera bags on Anns Fabulous Finds and Fashionphile and they retail for around that price, if not less.
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  12. My opinion differs a little than those already stated, but I don’t think you really overpaid, if the bag is in excellent condition. I’ve recently purchased 3 preloved Chanel bags. I researched and stalked a lot of bags, sites, and this forum. There are a number of resale sites I decided to steer clear of, one of the reasons being there are so many fakes being sold on many sites. You are taking a chance if using eBay or sites like TRR etc. On the more trusted sites, you can save money by buying bags that are unpopular styles, outdated, or in less than excellent condition. But if you want a classic bag that is in excellent preloved condition, prices have skyrocketed. On all the good sites...if you want a nice clean bag that is in great condition. That’s been my experience at least. I also think from reading so much, that the price increases and quality control issues have created a larger market for preloved bags. The prices have risen accordingly. Unless you want to buy a bag in “good or very good’ condition and send it in for repair and possibly save some money, or take a chance on the authenticity of a bag. I just bought a 226 Reissue and vintage jumbo xl from BP. The price of my Reissue was consistent with pricing elsewhere. The jumbo was a little higher but I was willing to pay that because my bag was in fabulous condition, and most vintage jumbos show some wear.

    Bottom line. Do you love the bag? If you do, keep it!
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  13. Return ASAP
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  14. that is way too high. i think this past season the new-style camera bag was 2800 or 3000. you should return imho.

  15. I shipped it off yesterday. I just could not stand the idea of overpaying.
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