Did I miss something with Coach???

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  1. I don’t understand what happened with Coach. They used to be very affordable (and still are…but there’s a point to this) and stylish. It seems to me as if their bags haven’t changed in two to three years! And what happened with their prices?! For example: the new Ombré weekend tote. It’s made of TWILL with a twill interior and is just under $700! What is that about? I used to love Coach bags but I feel as if their prices are getting to high for the brand now. Maybe it’s just me? What do you think?

    P.S.- Here is a link to the mentioned twill tote. http://www.coach.com/aspx/content/product.aspx?product_no=8288&category_id=68 It’s very pretty and all, but not for $700.
  2. i agree. 700 dollars for a twill tote is ridiculous!
  3. I only shop at the outlets for Coach. More affordable for the lines I actually like.
  4. Whoa, and people complain about the price of an LV? That's obscene!

    Coach is just raising their prices because they're chic at the moment, but what they don't seem to realize is that they'll price themselves right out of the market for certain consumers. IMO any company that forgets where their business originally came from and ignores that market does so at their peril.
  5. It'll be interesting to see if they'll lose business over this bc I doubt the ladies who frequent LV, Gucci, etc and spend $700 on purses will pay the same amount for a Coach bag.
  6. I suppose I can see that as an upside, but in another way, it's also discouraging. It makes me not want to buy ANYTHING at the regual stores. Then some styles don't end up at the outlets, and you're outta luck! It's a game of russian roulette! Either buy it at full price and get screwed because it ends up at the outlet, or wait for it to appear at the outlet, only to find it won't end up there. Sigh.... :wondering
  7. AGREED!!! Agreed agreed one thousand times over.
  8. Ugh! The Ombre line is one of the ugliest I've seen from Coach. I also agree that their shapes dont change much, but I like the additions of other things, like the fish, poppy, or bee. The prices are geting really high for some of the leather ones- they're gorgeous, but I mean c'mon, do you really want to blow $700-800 on a bag from the brand you see teenage girls in Abercrombie wearing?

    btw: below is the ombre line. Hideous! The clutch is $348, the midle one is $498, and the big one is $698! But I do find myself loving the new Legacy cotton shoulder bag! (last pic) And only $398 too!http://www.coach.com/aspx/content/product.aspx?product_no=8284&category_id=68
    ombe clutch.jpg ombre medium.jpg ombre large.jpg legacy cotton shoulder tote.jpg
  9. ^^ I think they're pretty :shame: But I'd rather blow $400 on an LV wallet before a Coach clutch, bc just as KathyRose said they'll end up at the outlets sooner or later for a lot less while the LV piece will still retain most of its original value.
  10. I do not see the appeal of that line; especially at that price! :wacko:

    Here is the bag I want that is more in line with the higher prices but still something I would wait for a sale or something.
  11. I have noticed a lot more teenage girls walking around the malls with Coach bags.....especially if they are pink!
  12. Definitely true. Sad thing is, so many of them are fake... :wondering
  13. My really good friend works at Coach...I think that the reason they are raising their prices is so that their products are more exlusive...maybe they are trying to separate themselves from Dooney and Bourke, etc. Alot of celebs are also starting to get into Coach...I think they are trying to get away from mainly selling to the soccer mom/younger girl crowd and trying to market to its more 'upscale' clients. Don't get mad at me please...I don't agree with the price increases either but I have a sinking suspicion that this is why they are doing it. :sad:

  14. EWWWWWWWWW the ombre line is hidious!!
  15. coach is really going to fall soon. 700 dollars for that isn't going to go over too well. us smarter people will shop elsewhere. i agree, the outlets are the way to go with coach.
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