did I miss something?? why is this lily $1200??

  1. More leather = more expensive? No idea.. o_o

    I would never pay that much for a purse.. that's not pretty...... >< imo anyways. XD
  2. IDK, but I just ordered two!

    (Just kiddin):roflmfao:
  3. I love it. But would NEVER, EVER pay that much for COACH.
  4. From what I understand it's a large bag with legacy lining & tons of hardware which definitely increases the price point. I did want one, but the bag is very heavy so I'm waiting for the mini Lily $768 which is due out in Spring.
  5. hardware. I just bought it today as a matter of fact. It definitely needed to grow on me. I love it!
  6. its so cute, but I would spend that amount on coach.
  7. according to the descriptions of both bags, they are pretty much the same size. And looking at the pics - to me they don't seem like one has that much hardware or extra stuff on it to justify THAT MUCH of a price difference!
  8. its the hardwear, detailing, leather, etc.
  9. I have the Lily in black and it is *definitely* way bigger than the Legacy satchel and consequently much heavier! Lots of hardware, straps, zippers, extra pockets and coin purses both inside and out separate this bag from the Legacy. It is overall just a much higher quality crafted bag ... I get compliments daily on it :smile:
  10. Is this bag a "nod" to the Mulberry Kensington?
  11. ITA that there is no comparison between the satchel and this one. It definitely is bigger and nicer IMHO. I can't wait to put my crap in it and see how heavy it gets though. What color do you have?
  12. As much as I love Coach. I would never spend that much on a Coach bag. I can have a few coach bags for tha much
  13. I love the purse and would spend the money except I hate the coin purse on the back. So maybe the mini will not have it. I will only be buying my ruby red gallery tote (patent) I thought this was so pretty till I saw the back. No offense to anyone who bought it.