Did I misinterpret the comment on my bag?

  1. I was browsing in the SCP Chloe boutique last weekend, carrying my new Edith whiskey messenger satchel (minus the strap) that I had purchased from NAP. While checking out the Edith sale bags, an older SA approached me and asked me where I got my bag from. Is that wierd? I was standing there comparing my whiskey edith to their whiskey edith--they were pretty much identical, except for the extra metal rings for the strap which are practically hidden. For a moment I was wondering if she thought my bag was a fake! Did I misinterpret her, or did she immediately assume I didn't get the bag from their store and bought it elsewhere? I just thought it was strange she would ask where I got mine from when I'm standing in the Chloe store.
  2. Maybe I am a bit sensitive but I would have taken offense. Especially since they sell chloes!
  3. I had a similiar thing happen at the Dior boutique. I was browsing carrying my Dior Gaucho satchel in blue, and the SA asked me where I got it, and kept asking me questions. I informed him I bought it at Saks last summer when that color first came out, and then he commented on how nice the color of mine was, that the later ones had more turquoise, etc. I think he was complimenting me on the color.
  4. Seemed like the Dior SA was genuinely curious and even complimented your bag, which was nice. The SA in the Chloe store made no compliment or comment of any sort--maybe she thought I looked too young (even though I'm in my 30s I am often mistaken for being younger) or was dressed too plainly to be able to afford a real Chloe bag. Well, it is not really any of her business anyhow. I love my Chloe bag and that's all that matters.
  5. Right on!! You know your bag is authentic, and that's the most important. Who knows, maybe she wondered who made the sale, obviously it wasn't her. Either way, her people skills leave something to be desired.
  6. Yes I think she was just being nosy. Dont let it bother you though. Take care of that lovely bag!
  7. Maybe she was sizing you up as a customer to see if you're a boutique shopper vs. a dept. store or online shopper. Don't let her comment bother you -somtimes people need to think before they speak.
  8. Heh, heh, I actually shop from all three. I've purchased from their store, from the great Nordies sale, and from NAP. I wonder if the store feels the pressure of competition from other stores--they're still offering only 40% off on their sale items while Nordies was doing 60% and NAP around 50% (at least on the items I got).
  9. That's right! :tup: You know it's authentic and that you got a great deal, why should it matter where you bought it??
  10. I had an SA do that at Saks back when they first started their sale. I was carrying my black Edith messenger with the long strap and she said that the strap matched perfectly and asked if I had attached a strap from another bag. I informed her that it came with the strap and was another variation on the classic Edith style. She asked where I got it and said they'd never received them at her store. I told her I got it at NM. She came back a couple of times while I was looking to fawn over it - she told me that tons of customers wanted a long shoulder strap and that they'd advised customers to just attach another bag's strap!

    So, she was probably just being curious, though I'd expect a Chloe boutique SA to be more well-versed in the entire line than a department store SA.

  11. Pandabear - I recently visited a nearby Coach factory store to return a bag I'd gotten as a gift. When I entered the store with my chocolate Chloe paddy, an older SA who was supposed to be a greeter looked at me and my bag (or maybe the other way around) and didn't greet me but gave me an icy glare directly at my face, right in my eyes (!) and continued to do so as I walked around the store.

    About a month later, I went back to use the store credit I'd gotten from my return, in order to get a graduation gift for my college-bound niece. But this time, I'd rotated my bags by then and I was wearing my beloved Coach brown antique leather mia soho satchel. The same exact SA came up to me all smiley and so helpful, and she ended up giving me good advice as to what I should get for my niece.

    I also overanalyzed the first incident: did she think that I was showing off somehow, as I dared to bring a Chloe into a Coach store? Did she think that customers in the store would see my bag and trade allegiances? Was she jealous? Was she mad that she wasn't going to make a commission off of me and she needed that extra money to put food on her table OR buy a new bag? Who knows! And I'm not going to let it trouble me. I should put that old Pantene motto on my Chloe bag whenever I enter a store: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

    I've since learned that gals in the know about handbags (quality ones, anyhow) will see your gorgeous Chloe and either: (a) turn green with envy and/or throw you a wicked glance seemingly saying "So you think you're better than me?" or (b) be totally secure in themselves and possibly compliment you and your Chloe because they know true beauty when they see it! May you have more of the latter...
  12. :roflmfao:GrylLayney! Your Pantene motto made me laugh!
    I think people have the right to spend their money on whatever they choose, and if it happens to be designer bags, good for them! Unfortunately there are a lot of haters out there, esp. at my workplace. One of my good friends stopped carrying her designer bags to work because she was getting the evil eye from quite a few jealous co-workers. (She's a Chanel and LV lover) It's so sad when that happens. Luckily this doesn't happen to me too often (a lot of people don't seem to recognize MJ or Chloe bags that easily).

    I also had another incident where I got a strange reaction. I was buying bubble tea in the local tea hangout with my whiskey Edith when a couple of teenage girls walked in carrying Chloes! One had a white quilted bay and the other had a metallic small betty. I was thinking "Ooh, great bags, should I compliment them?" But then they proceeded to eye me up and down with a condescending look and I thought, "Um, ok..maybe not."
  13. I think she was just opening the lines of communication honey. Lots of stores are not authorised to sell Chloe, so it was probable that she was just finding out where you normally purchase your Chloe goods :smile:
  14. Are you sure the teeny-boppers weren't carrying fakes?

    Anyway, re the OP's situation, I believe the SA was trying to suss out if the bag was a fake. Asking strangers where they bought their expensive designer item from, when it's pretty obvious what brand it is, is another way of asking if it's a fake.
  15. Yeah, I thought the question was a little forward and strange. Oh well.

    Re. the teens with the Chloes, I wasn't standing quite close enough to see if they were fakes, but they looked pretty good. Perhaps they have generous parents or really good summer jobs! Anyways, they were Asian and some Asian girls tend to have that kind of snooty attitude towards other Asian females for no good reason. I've seen a lot of that, so no big surprise---just wish they wouldn't be like that.