Did I meet a CELEB at an LV boutique in SoHo...or just a weird man in sunglasses? PIC

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  1. My friend insists that this guy is a celeb from a tv show. It was in the LV boutique in SoHo and it was at night! I don't know if it's a celeb, but why else would a man wear sunglasses INSIDE at NIGHT?

    Yup, that's me with my speedy...sorry had to block my face out haha :smile:. I was waiting for the SA to wrap some items up.
  2. UHHHH,no I dont think he's a celeb.
  3. Or maybe he's just pretending lol
  4. I don't recognise him, might just be an odd man LOL Some people just like to wear sunglasses all the time or he might want to look like he is famous - I saw a Russell Brand lookalike in London Selfridges once, he was an almost exact clone of him, right down to the clothes, it just wasn't him lol - some people are strange.
  5. not sure who that is... but i like your speedy!
  6. He's a nobody trying to be a somebody haha jk... maybe he has eye problems :shrugs:

    Whats the size of your speedy its so cute!! I love your hair by the way.. mine kinda looks like that if I do something with it hahaha!
  7. he kinda looks like brody jenner..but i think they guy is way older then brody
    cute pic of your speedy!! love the bandeau!
  8. I wear my sunnies night and day due to a serious sensitivity to light. He may be careful with certain lighting.
  9. He looks like Corey Haim to me - he wears that hat and glasses all the time!
  10. I never seen him befor.
  11. He probably just wanted to be cool... haha.
  12. off topic, but is that a speedy 35 you're holding?
  13. LOL the fact that we are all discussing who it could possibly be shows that he isn't famous enough to need to wear sunglasses! But as PinkSuadeSoho said, it might just be someone who has sensitive eyes or something :biggrin:
  14. Ditto that. I do that at times, when I'm just too lazy to take off my sunglasses; I have cataracts though so it's more or less required that I wear them :p hopefully he doesn't have an eye ailment too?

  15. haha, thats what i was kind of thinking too! brody jenner when he's not shaved? haha, but i DID really meet brody at a nightclub just a few days ago. it seems like brody has gained a bit of weight since his modelings days with guess/marciano!

    my speedy is a 35. i'm really tall (5'10) so the bag looks tiny haha!