Did I make the right thing? (MbMJ)

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  1. Yesterday, I fell over Lady V in Dusty Sand on Shopbop, and it was in the sale for USD 274.


    I tried to find some more information about it, and in the meanwhile, the bag was sold out! I was sad for a while, then it came back! And in my panic not to lose it again, I bought it.

    Now I need to know if I did the right thing, do you have any experience of this bag? Is it a good purchase? (And is Shopbop nice to their bags when delivering them?)


  2. I don't know anything about the bag, but I have purchased bags from Shopbop before. Never had any problems. They are legit.
  3. It looks like a nice bag and shopbop is great!
  4. what a steal! I have never had any experience with this bag but its really pretty and you got it for such a great deal. I would have done the same and bought it if I had seen it first. Enjoy!
  5. I recieved in less than two days, incredible! (All the way from the States to Sweden!).

    It's really nice, I haven't opened it yet though. It's very heavy, at least 1 kg without anything in it! I think I will love it, but I'm almost afraid to take the plastic off. :P
  6. please post some modeling pics when you got a chance :smile:
  7. I love the color!